Our common goal is to provide you with powerful technical solutions while keeping the cost of production economically justifiable.

A wide range


The winding materials developed and produced by SEM SUHNER are always customised.
Each winding material has quite specific requirements.
We provide suitable materials (enamelled copper wire, copper bands, high-frequency litz wire, single and multi-chamber coil formers, ferrites, steel plates, cut tape-wound cores, toroidal cores, etc.) for every winding material, without losing sight of the overall product.

Whether plate transformers, coils, toroidal cores or ferrites, up to 5,000 VA and in many different versions (encapsulated, coated, clamps, solder pins); we have a wealth of experience to draw upon in order to design a customer-oriented solution for a variety of electronic applications.

All from a single source.

On a small, medium, or large scale


Our production lines are designed for small, medium or large-scale production.
Production options range from making products by hand, a process based on years of experience and know-how, to semi-automated and fully-automated productions.

Continuous and product-specific investment is needed to meet the requirements of our business partners and enable us to establish and cultivate long-standing business relationships.

Labour-intensive products will be made at our Romanian subsidiary or in Asia, depending on the customer requirements.

Every customer is welcome, whatever their needs.



Our people undergo regular training to enable them to use the expertise they acquire in their day-to-day business. Regular, internal audits also help ensure that compliance with the standards is maintained.
Our internal categorisation of know-how ensures that every position is held by an appropriately trained professional.

Our lean decision-making processes and the autonomy of teams that can work independently, with the assistance of modern processes, quality and logistics management (FMEA, JIT, KAIZEN, 5S), help to achieve the required efficiency in manufacturing.

Know-how and experience feature strongly in products made by hand. Our people have worked for us for many years and up to now have always met all the challenges set to them.

Developing and optimising your products


We follow your line of thought…
Your prescribed specification is pivotal.
It is standard practice for your design criteria and budget requirements to be respected.
With the support of a software simulation program, we use our development know-how to work out the perfect ratio between strong performance and compact size. Quite specific safety criteria (such as testing fitness for use in the tropics, or vibration testing…) are also taken into consideration.

We always use high-quality materials to ensure reliable operation. However, if other materials or manufacturing steps can deliver a reliable but more reasonably-priced alternative, we will gladly submit a quote for your consideration. We are keen to share with you our experience gained since 1962.
The Development Department adapts the individual steps in the process to the product, including considering specific features, and final testing.
Our developers validate every new product through a prototype phase; customers are given prototypes and a test report, allowing them to approve production.

We support our customers from development through to large-scale production.
Since 1962, we have collected a wealth of experience which we are happy to share with you.

Production - manufacturing


We have been gathering experience since 1962, which we use to develop and manufacture our products in-house. Once the customer gives us their approval, we take every possible step to ensure that manufacturing runs smoothly. Any additional information from the customer, arrangements or product adjustments are taken into account and integrated into the existing process.

Orders are handled automatically using our co-developed ERP system. It is very important to us to keep the order throughput time ñ from the time that you place your order to the time that you receive your goods ñ as short as possible.

Production runs follow defined processes that are documented in accordance with ISO 9001 (winding, soldering, welding, providing customised outputs, encapsulation, assembly, testing, shipping) and is constantly audited by the Quality Assurance Department, to maintain consistent manufacturing efficiency.

Contract work


Should you ask yourself whether this step in the manufacturing or assembly process of your products can be entrusted to a sub-contractor, the potential benefits can be explained as follows: improved profitability, increased profit margins, better competitiveness or the reorganisation of company activities.

SEM SUHNER presents the assembly of your products as a one-stop solution.
The customer can provide the material, or obtain it through SEM SUHNER.
All materials are checked by our co-developed ERP system.

We can even take over customer production lines or machines and integrate them into our modern processes, quality and logistics management (5S, Kaizen, FMEA, JIT, etc.).
If required, we then take over all the steps of the process for you, right up to direct delivery to the end customer, and including packaging that is specific to the customer.
We assess all the options to bring the strategic objectives in line with your project.
It goes without saying that we maintain full confidentiality with regards to your project.

Our experienced team takes the pressure off you, allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies.

Quality and 100% final inspection

Qualitat und 100iger Endtest

The quality of our goals determines the quality of our future*. This is why quality is so firmly entrenched at all levels of our company. It begins with communication, and extends way beyond delivery.

SEM SUHNER is the first, independent, medium-sized company to have achieved
ISO 9001 certification in this industry in 1994.

To ensure consistently high quality, manufacturing is continually audited by the Quality Assurance Department. This allows us to find the best way to meet requirements from several customer domains.
Our adapted quality tools and well-trained professionals ensure that all orders will be processed efficiently, with an eye to quality.
Thanks to our multi-stage quality control in manufacturing and 100% final testing, our customers are able to integrate their products immediately, without any incoming control or testing.

Finally, the product is marked to make the transformer fully traceable. If required by the customer, traceability can also be applied to the measurement results, which can be stored in a database.

(*Josef Schmidt)



Whether small or large – every shipment is important to us.

Our co-developed ERP system allows us to keep track of, and we can immediately provide information about existing storage capacities and every item. Available quantities, components or finished products can be selected individually.
If required by the customer, the finished products in blanket orders can be kept as a buffer stock, in order to achieve the required level of response, or ensure JIT delivery. This allows any peaks in customer capacity to be quickly and flexibly absorbed.

Once all the necessary steps have been taken, the goods leaving our factory will have been tested and carefully packaged, so that they are intact when you receive them.
We can deliver the products in standard, special or reusable packaging, as required. Special customer requests can also be taken into consideration.

To ensure that you receive your winding materials without delay, we try to avoid sub-contracting carriers and rigid delivery platforms. Punctuality and reliability are firmly entrenched at all levels of our company and round off this important step.