– Since 1962 –

S E M   S U H N E R

The winding specialist

Welcome to SEM SUHNER.

We make winding materials (transformers, coils, chokes, toroids, ferrites…).
They are developed, produced and tested in-house then shipped to clients from a variety of different industries.

Our employees are our strongest asset. They consistently deliver state of the art craftsmanship which ensures that our transformers stay operational for a very long time.

We do not waste words talking about it, we just get on with doing what we have been doing best since 1962: manufacturing winding products.

Our motivation

Our second generation independently grown family business is testament of the values we believe in, and of our achievements to-date and ahead of us. We strive to achieve our goals with the knowledge of where we come from, and where we want to go.

Our common goal is to provide you with powerful technical solutions while keeping the cost of production economically justifiable.

It is particularly important to us to work closely and fairly together with our customers, suppliers and our people.
A mutually respectful cooperation is an integral part of our company philosophy.

In an age where speed is becoming all important, we still rely on the qualifications and personal skills of our people.
A devoted team who puts their heart and soul into delivering our customer projects contributes to our ongoing success.

We are motivated to share this enthusiasm with you and to consolidate our trustful cooperation over time.